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When you drive through the Bay area long enough, your car will eventually encounter trouble. Without a reliable Palo Alto towing service, things can get frustrating fast.

Fender benders, potholes, rush hour, and California drivers can all leave you stranded before long. Unless you already have a car towing service in mind, you’ll be left trying to find one quickly.

When you find yourself stressed out with a disabled vehicle, you need Specialty Towing. As your trusted tow truck for over 30 years, there is nothing we can’t handle.

Our expert drivers transport any size or type of car, truck, SUV, and anything else. Contact us whenever you need the best “tow truck near me,” day or night.

Best Tow Truck Service Near Me in East Palo Alto, CA

When you need a towing service, you likely aren’t price shopping on the 101. Instead, you need someone close to home, providing an affordable service contractor.

Hiring us for your vehicle breakdowns or traffic accidents is always the best choice. Not only are we your most experienced towing contractors, but affordable as well.

Every one of our technicians is licensed, insured, and Wreckmaster training certified. Contact us 24-hours a day, including nights and holidays, for reliable services, such as:

towing service in palo alto california with a light duty truck

  • Light-Duty Towing
  • Medium-Duty Towing
  • Heavy-Duty Towing
  • Private Property Service
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Car Accident Towing

No matter what your car’s make, model, or size class is, we can quickly transport it. Contact our towing experts whenever you encounter car trouble, 24-hours a day.

Grua East Palo Alto CA

¿Necesita un servicio de remolque en Palo Alto CA? Llámenos si necesita asistencia en la carretera o una grúa.

Grua para carros

Si tiene un accidente, llámenos. Si necesita una grúa de servicio pesado o una motocicleta, llámenos.

Towing Near Me Light Duty

Surprisingly, not every towing service can move smaller vehicles like motorcycles or microcars. Due to their size, large wrecker trucks can’t keep them secure.

Instead, you can count on our fleet to move any sedan, truck, or two-wheeled vehicle. When you need light-duty towing in Palo Alto, choose us for any size vehicle.

Tow Truck Near Me

Most passenger vehicles fall into the medium-duty weight class, like four-door sedans and pickups. Since many drivers operate them, it can also mean available towing services become hard to find.

When you hire us, it means calling local towing professionals with the equipment you need. Call us mornings, nights, weekends, and holidays for reliable tow truck solutions.   

Heavy-Duty Towing Near Me


Who can you call when your RV or construction equipment ruptured its tires? For most towing companies, your vehicle is too large to move.

Thankfully, you can count on us no matter what type of machine you operate. Call us whenever your cement trucks, garbage trucks, or cranes need help.

Private Property Tow Truck Company

Our state is home to millions of drivers, and all those cars need to park somewhere. However, many business owners know that their lots are attractive places for people to try to stay overnight.Every time they take up a spot, that’s one fewer customer you can serve. Protect your property rights 24-hours a day with our professional towing contractors.

East Palo Alto Roadside Assistance 

Few things can feel as frustrating as paying for towing over a minor problem. Unfortunately, when you can’t find a roadside assistance provider, it’s your only choice.

You can rely on us for affordable roadside assistance services, 24-hours a day. No matter what has inconvenienced your drive, you can count on us for any roadside assistance. Some of these roadside services include: Vehicle Lockout, Battery Jump Start, Breakdown Towing, Flat Tire Change, Winch Outs and Vehicle Transport.

East Palo Alto Car Accident Towing

The only situation worse than seeing your car totaled is having it impounded. However, when you need to take an ambulance to the hospital, it’s easy to forget all about it.

Thankfully, you can call on us to retrieve your vehicle if it’s in an accident. Best of all, we’re available for you 24-hours a day, making us your convenient choice every time.

Wrecker Service in East Palo Alto California

East Palo Alto Towing Service Close to Me

How often does a search for “towing service near me” give you providers that are hours away? When you are already stressed, you need a faster solution now.

Whether you were headed home, to work, or the airport, call us every time. Our fleet is local to the area to ensure you receive convenient towing services.

You can see our vehicles assisting drivers throughout the Palo Alto community. Contact us for immediate two truck dispatches 24-hours of every day, including: 

Stanford University in Palo Alto California

  • Crescent Park
  • Triple El
  • Palo Verde
  • St. Claire Gardens
  • Ventura
  • College Terrace
  • Greenmeadow
  • Esther Clarks Park
  • Old Palo Alto
  • Southgate
  • Community Center
  • Downtown North
  • And the surrounding areas

Our team provides reliable services to drivers, property managers, owners, and anyone else. From Smart Cars to concrete mixers, you can rely on us for them all.

Why Hire Us for Your East Palo Alto Tow Trucks?

We understand that a tow truck company is the last service you want to call. Plus, many drivers report experiencing rude technicians, premium pricing, and long service times.

Our team has over three decades’ of experience in towing vehicles. While our local operators know the city well, they also utilize GPS-enabled trucks.

Our contractors also work with most national insurance companies for even more affordable service. You might not need to pay anything out of pocket when hiring us.

We do our best to operate differently, ensuring you receive the best care possible. When you deserve a better tow truck experience, hire us for your vehicles.

24 hour towing

About Our Best Palo Alto, CA, Tow Truck Fleet

Possibly the most vital component of any towing service is providing the right trucks. Too often, contractors rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving them to only focus on passenger vehicles.

Instead, we ensure that we can transport any sedan, truck, van, or heavy equipment vehicle. We maintain a fleet of tow trucks equipped to transport any weight class quickly.

Our wheel-lift truck safely moves private property violators and most consumer models. For beefier rigs, we bring out our roller flatbed for straightforward transportation.

We also have other vehicles and equipment prepared for any situation. When in doubt, contact us for reliable towing services 24-hours a day.

The Best Towing Service Near Me Palo Alto, CA

When your car or truck requires towing services, why not hire the best local operators? Contact the expert contractors behind Specialty Towing for affordable solutions 24-hours a day. If you happen to be in San Mateo and in need of a towing service, our company partners with Auto Towing San Mateo. If you’re in the San Francisco area our company partners with San Francisco Bay Area Towing.