Jose B. - San Francisco, CA

"Called them to get a tow for my car and they were very reliable to what kind of truck to send. They got me set up with a tow very fast for a very reasonable price. I would recommend this company to my friends and family any time the drivers are really friendly and their trucks look clean from both outside and insider."

TJ L. - Menlo Park, CA

"Look Specialty isn't the sleekest business, it isn't flashy. They were even late by over an hour. But, I give them an unqualified 5 stars. Why? The people are the best. Despite my insurance giving them issues, and my new car presenting some technical challenges, Juan and Sandra saved me from literally being stuck for 6 hours in the middle of no-where, when three other companies failed. You can count on these guys to do their best for you. They are good people, a trait that seems all to rare. Hire them and know you are in caring hands."

Sirenio G. - Stockton, CA

"Great service once my vehicle stalled and didn't start, I managed to get quick service and get my vehicle towed to the service shop at a great price. Definitely counting on them if I ever need it again."

Marc D. - San Mateo, CA

"If you are a building owner, this is the company you should have help monitor which vehicles park in which locations.  Along with their service, numerous perks. I have never seen any company, especially a tow company, go above and beyond to provide excellent service with no cost to me. They came out, place their signs, painted a curb red for me, and make sure cars do not disobey the rules. A++"

Yvonne G. - San Jose, CA

"Great customer service! Sandra is the sweetest! She took care of all my paper work in a quick and timely manner and was very kind throughout the process. Thank you for all your help Sandra!"

Erika T. - San Francisco, CA

"My Focus was side swiped when I was not at the scene. I didn't want to go through my insurance. My friend recommended Specialty Towing so I took my car to the Palo Alto location. Leandro (I believe he is the owner) and Sandra were the ones that greeted me and helped me. They had their guys glue my side mirror back on and fixed the scratches/ dents on the side of my car. They did an amazing job- my car looks better than ever. Thank you Leandro, Sandra and your team! You made me so happy with your great service and saved me so much time and money!"

Carmen R. - Redwood City, CA

"I want to give 5 stars to this business because as a business owner the service they have provided has been amazing. I own a flower shop and there's a lot of problems with people that don't read and respect signs, and park illegally in my property all the time! I have a contract with specialty towing and they are always prompt, professional and efficient. Of course people give bad reviews because they get upset since their vehicles get towed but honestly is mainly their fault, these guys are just doing their job. Also one of our delivery trucks broke down last week and thanks to specialty towing our delivery orders were able to get to customers on time. This guys are fast and efficient! Thank you specialty!"

Denisse J. - Redwood City, CA

"Great great service. I was in a rush when I left my keys in the car. Stopped to get some things at Stanford and when I came back I had a lockout at the worst possible time! I called this company and they assisted me so professionally! The driver got there within 20 minutes (which was gonna take State Farm 1 hour or so) and took good care of my car and situation. I love these guys. They work hard and they do what they can for their costumers! Keep it up."

Pablo L. - San Jose, CA

"Unfortunately my was towed early this morning (I was parked where I supposed not to) but regardless, Sandra was very helpful and detailed as of what I needed to bring to release my car. She was really nice and helpful and in less than 20 min I was on my way."

Jorge F. - Fremont, CA

"I spoke to Sandra this morning when I went to pick up my car in the east Palo Alto location. She helped me with the process in minutes. She was very friendly and kind. Thank you Sandra and thank you guys. Keep up the good work."

Moe M. - Palo Alto, CA

"I've had to deal with several tow services and this was by far my best experience. My car was at their tow yard in East Palo Alto and the staff was great. They were very attentive and made me feel better about my whole situation with my car. From here on out if I have any issues with my car I will be calling Specialty Towing."

La Toya K. - Menlo Park, CA

"Best service I've had with a tow company! The office manager took my call and she was very informative and attentive to my needs. I can't remember the name of the older gentleman who assisted us as well but he was very nice...gave us car tips and everything. If I have any issues with my car again and need a tow, I will be calling these guys! I felt very safe which is important for women in a stopped car outside in the dark."

Wendy T. - San Jose, CA

"I had locked my keys in the car and was chagrined thinking about spending at least $100 (that's what All State charges me per roadside assistance). I figured that nothing can be cheaper than that. I called up car shops hoping to snag a cheaper deal, but the car shops around tried to sell me keys. Uh, no thanks... I just want somebody to retrieve my keys! I called up this tow company and the lady said they could be at my car in 20 minutes. It was hard speaking to her because she sounded like a ditz (I had to repeat my request and car details several times because she didn't catch everything I said).
Right on time! Beautiful green and black truck - very legit. The guy was very professional to take care not to damage my car. It took about 10 minutes. Only $75! This is cheap compared to what other tow companies charge for a lockout. He refused to accept my tip for his service. Professional company but no offense, but like a casket business, I hope to never have to use their services again."

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